Our chicks arrive at a day old and we keep them in a warm dry incubator box where they have easy access to fresh free choice feed and water. At three weeks old they move to the chicken house and have access to green grass all spring, summer and fall. Both broilers and layers enjoy the spacious accommodations and fresh air. We are provided with fresh eggs and tender, juicy naturally raised chicken to serve our guests at Andersonville GuestHouse.  Chickens are available by special order.

Chickens – Order your pastured chickens by Feb 15, 2018 for early subscription price of buy 4 chickens @$3.25/lb and get the 5th half price (5 chicken minimum), buy 9 get the 10th free, buy 18 get 2 free (you can choose to pick up your chicken order at one date or split it between dates).

PRICE AFTER FEB 15, 2018 IS $3.50/LB.

List your preference for pickup date and how many chickens on each date:

First week of July_____ chickens

First week of August_____ chickens

First week of September_____ chickens

**We will do our best to meet all orders but cannot guarantee sizes.  No deposit, payment at pickup.

  • Prices are subject to change.