2019 mk-vt News and Early Order

Happy New Year from West Glover to our friends and customers all over New England.

We finally wrapped up 2018 and want to thank you for a busy and successful year. We provided our customers with 50 lambs (37 pre-ordered), 9 pigs (4.5 pre-ordered), 6 beef (2 pre-ordered), 200 chickens (140 pre-ordered), and the 20 turkeys that were ordered. That’s over 10,000 lbs of meat! We had many wonderful compliments shared with us in addition to the complement each of you gives us with your order. We appreciate your interest in what we love to do. It makes the thousand hours we spend each year doing chores worthwhile knowing that the animals we cared so much for are being enjoyed by you.

We are already planning for 2019 and as you can see from 2018 numbers, we grew many more animals than were ordered and we still ran out of lamb, chicken, pork and turkey. 60 lambs are ordered and slaughter dates made in October and November. Pigs are being sourced, beef is growing, and we are booking processing dates for chickens and turkeys (Oct 29). We need your early orders to help us plan our crop needs for 2019 and to ensure you can get everything you want.

We find it necessary to change our pricing a bit this year to reflect processing price increases. Slaughter fees increased last year by $10 to $25 per animal after we already had promised prices to our customers so we did not pass those prices on. The cost of our lambs also has doubled this year as the supply is tight. To help us “confirm” orders and verify commitment we are going to require a deposit for all orders this year. The attached form outlines all pricing and early order deadlines. Please also note that our poultry processor will no longer kill turkeys after Nov 1 so we will only have fresh turkey on Oct 29 and frozen for Thanksgiving.

We will be asking everyone who orders meat for 2019 to review the cut sheet we have on file so they can be updated if necessary and to be sure each customer understands what they “want” and gets a “custom cut”.

We will be offering freezer storage of your meat for a nominal fee. We have to pay for and pick up all meat from the butcher in 1 to 3 days or pay storage fees there. We will be passing those fees on for meat not paid for and picked up (or arrangements made). We have purchased additional freezers and are happy to rent space for those in need (ie 2nd lamb etc). We will continue to make or assist with deliveries locally but will add a small delivery fee for longer distance deliveries. As always, we welcome your visit to pick up your order.

We have laying hens so you may wish to pick up some fresh eggs with your meat order.

Please share this message with anyone who may be interested in enjoying mk-vt meats. Please call or email with your order any suggestions, questions or concerns (or to unsubscribe). Please use any means you are comfortable with to get your order to us including giving us a call, sending a letter, email, text or smoke signal.

Mark & Karen Rodgers

2019 mk-vt farm Meat Schedule

Lamb- Reserve your 2019 lamb by Feb 15, 2019 to guarantee your pasture raised lamb for fall.

The price of your lamb will be $4/lb hanging weight plus processing fees.

Indicate where you would like your lamb processed and when you would like to pick up.

I would like ___lamb(s) ____44 to 48 lbs (small) ____49 to 54 lb(medium) _____55 lb+ (large)

for pick up **choose order of preference** ___ (October/Clarks) ___(Nov/Braults)_____NEKP

My preference for processing, cut and wrap is: (We will choose one for you if you would like)

_____Clark’s Custom Meat, Lowell VT (includes Dave McCoy doing on farm slaughter then transporting the meat to Clarks where it will hang in coolers until they cut and wrap it in their USDA inspected facility). Processing fee is $110 per lamb for vacuum packed, $95 per lamb for double wrapped in paper.

_____Brault’s, Troy, VT (includes trucking live lambs to Brault’s where they are slaughtered in the facility, hung in coolers and cut and wrapped in their USDA inspected facility). Processing fee is $65 per lamb plus $.80/lb vacuum packed.

_____NEKProcessing (includes trucking live lambs to NEKP where they are slaughtered, hung in coolers and cut and wrapped in their USDA inspected facility) Processing fee is $125/lamb vacuum packaging.

**We cannot guarantee all of your first choices but will do our best to meet your wishes. $100 deposit per lamb, balance payable prior to or at pickup/delivery (we will help with coordinating delivery/pickup).

Please visit our website to see sheepskins available.

Chickens – Order your pastured chickens by Feb 15 for early order price of $3/lb for chickens over 6 lbs, and $3.25/lb for chickens under 6 lbs (5 chicken minimum). After Feb 15 prices are $3.25 (6#+) and $3.50/lb (6#-).

Check your preference for size: ____Small (under 6 lbs) ____Medium (7 lbs) ____ Large (8+ lbs)

List your preference for pickup date and how many chickens on each date:

_____July_____ chickens,_____August_____ chickens,_____September_____ chickens

**We will do our best to meet all orders but can’t guarantee sizes. $10 deposit per chicken, balance at pickup.

Turkeys – Order your Pastured hand raised Fall Turkeys by Feb 15 for the early subscription price of $4/lb and we will guarantee a tasty turkey for your Thanksgiving. Indicate your preference of turkey size

____(small 15-17 lbs) _____(medium 17 to 20 lbs) _____ large over 20 lbs **All Turkeys will be processed Oct 29 and frozen (unless you want it fresh that day) as our processor no longer will kill turkeys after Nov 1.

**We will do our best to meet all orders but cannot guarantee sizes.**A $25 deposit for each turkey ordered.

Pork - Order your half or whole pig by Feb 15 for late summer or fall butchering. Our pigs will dress 200 to 300 lbs after spending a summer enjoying the outdoors and lots of good food. Pork is priced at $4/lb hanging weight (price includes cost of slaughter, custom cutting and wrapping – smoking and curing costs for bacon and ham are additional). **A deposit of $100 for a half or $200 for a whole pig is required with each order.

Beef – Our pasture raised beef is available by the quarter, half or whole animal (animals dress approximately 650 lbs) for $4/lb hanging weight. Call for availability and scheduling for beef. 20# boxes of burger and or stew meat are available for $4.50/lb. Deposits of $100 for a quarter or $200 for a half at time of order.