Our naturally grown local grass fed USDA inspected beef provides a whole new experience if you enjoy delicious, lean, tender nutritious meat for your family.  Our animals all experience a contented life as their comfort, care and nurturing are our pleasure and responsibility.  All animals are born horn free (polled) and attentively cared for daily. They are raised on our families farms and land where they thrive on rich pasture grasses in the spring, summer and fall and then enjoy top quality hay during the winter months. All our cattle are genomic tested for parentage verification and health tested to guarantee that every animal is free of diseases such as Leucosis (BLV causes leukemia in cattle and may pose a risk in humans View article) and Johnes (paratuberculosis in cattle with possible link to Crones disease in humans).  The cattle’s well-being, balanced diet and comfortable life are provided by us with decades of caring and farming experience to ensure you are receiving a product we are proud of and you will embrace for its flavor and wholesomeness. You may have never had beef this good!

We have healthy cows! New research study shows bovine leukemia virus may have link to breast cancer.    View article

We have healthy cows! New research study shows bovine leukemia virus may have link to breast cancer. View article

Bulk Ordering

Beef is available by reserving your order.  We can provide whole, half or quarter beef or you may wish to buy a box of select cuts or a box of burger.
To order contact Mark Rodgers: 802-673-2072 or

Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef

You may order a whole side of beef, custom cut, for $4.00 per pound hanging weight. (Note: the finished cut weight will be 30-40 percent less than hanging weight, depending on your choices and how much bone and fat is discarded by the butcher.) A 250-lb side of beef would cost $1125. It would yield about 170 pounds of usable cuts and require about 9 cubic feet of freezer space. Note: When you order a whole, half or quarter beef, you get to decide exactly how you want the butcher to cut and package your meat. Before your butchering date, we will need you to download our butcher’s beef cut sheet, fill it out, and send it to us.

**Deposits of $100 for a quarter or $200 for a half at time of order. Balance is due in full at at pickup.

Burger/Stew Boxes

The Burger Box option is great for folks with limited freezer space.  Our ground beef is made from the entire beef including the prime cuts (steaks).  The result is an extraordinary burger that is high in flavor, tenderness, and incomparable richness.   You can buy burger or stew meat in 1 lb. packages for $5/lb.   A 20 lb. box of burger, stew or a combination of the two is $4.50/lb.  

  • Prices are subject to change.

More details about bulk ordering

For more information about what to expect when ordering beef by the side, the Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide from Iowa State University is highly recommended.

Here are some helpful tips if you are not sure how to decide what cuts are right for you:


This part of the beef is from the front shoulder and is often ground into hamburger.  You may also choose to have chuck or shoulder roasts and the trim will be ground into burger.

Stew meat and hamburger

There is always a significant amount of meat that is not properly sized for steaks or roasts that makes nice stew meat or burger.  If you want to maximize the amount of stew meat and burger you can reduce the packages of roasts and steaks.  If roasts and steaks are your preference you will have less hamburger and stew meat.


The rib produces high quality steaks or roasts.  This is where “Prime Rib” comes from.

Short Loin

Filet mignon, NY strip steak, Porterhouse and T-bone steaks come from the short loin.  Or you may choose to get the whole tenderloin, but in this case you will not get T-bone or Porterhouse steaks.


The sirloin can be cut into steaks, left as a roast or ground into your burger to enhance the flavor.


The round is the largest area of a beef and can be cut into roasts such as “the eye of round”, bottom round or rump roasts.  Or you can choose to cut the top round into London broil steaks and have the rest ground into burger.

Variety meats

Some will also be interested in having certain items packaged such as heart, tongue and liver.  Soup bones and dog bones are also a natural part of any beef if you wish.